Rackmount IPC

Advantech Rackmount Chassis offers a comprehensive range of rackmount chassis from 1U to 7U. Advantech Rackmount computer the industrial grade multiple systems built for slot-hungry applications. Advantech Rackmount chassis provides the best support for your rackmount computer system.
Advantech Industrial ATX Motherboard is a standard form factor which allows customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility issues. The standard ATX mounting holes and I/O bracket area are ready-to-use, and could reduce cabling as well as total cost. Despite the life-cycle of commercial motherboards being typically short, Advantech Industrial ATX Motherboard has longevity support and engineering changes are kept to a minimum to reduce the high cost of design changes and costly maintenance and upgrade efforts. ATX Motherboards provide an ideal solution for customers who are currently using commercial off-the-shelf products but require the flexibility of PCIe and PCI card expansion with industrial longevity, reliability and manageability.

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