Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations: UNO-4000

The UNO-4000 series designed for substation automation are rack mount computers with PCI extension slots and are certified by IEC-61850. Each UNO-4000 series features with fanless design and high computing power, isolated serial communication and multiple Ethernet ports. It gives them more reliability for various applications. The UNO-4671A is a rack mount computer that designed to be compliant with IEC-61850-3 for substation automation. The UNO-4673A is also a rack mount computer that enhances the effectiveness of power transmission and substation automation. The UNO-4678 is convenient and user-friendly to fulfill a wide range of requirements. Programmers can integrate applications easily with a platform that can provide versatile functions to fulfill diverse requirements by using each UNO-4000 rack mounted computer.

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